Kashbox Coaching administers a variety of assessments designed to support you and your organization in making wise decisions about the development and utilization of your most valuable resource – your people. Below is a description of two of our most popular assessment tools:

360 Degree Feedback

This assessment tool gathers confidential feedback on organizational performance and leadership style from a participant’s subordinates, peers, and managers. When combined with a self-assessment, it produces helpful data for personal and professional growth.

Aggregate reporting of all recipients’ feedback provides valuable data that the organization’s leaders can use to:

  • Identify under-utilized strengths so they can be more productively utilized.
  • Identify gaps where there are opportunities for improvement.

In addition, the individual participant benefits from:

  • Increased awareness of the perceptions of others.
  • Increased awareness of competencies and opportunities for growth.


This widely used assessment tool measures behavioral styles. Awareness of behavioral style facilitates more effective communication, which in turn leads to improved relationships and performance.

DISC breaks observable human behavior into four categories: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Scientific research indicates that people who act in similar ways have similar characteristics. An awareness of these characteristics improves mutual communication and understanding within the organization.

The results of the DISC assessment can provide valuable information that will enable an organization’s leaders to:

  • Better appreciate the various behavioral styles so they can deal with each individual more effectively.
  • Improve teamwork through a better understanding of what types of people work best together and an understanding of why some groups do not achieve anticipated results.

In addition, the individual participant benefits from:

  • An increased awareness of his or her behavior style and the effect it has on others.
  • A greater knowledge about how to effectively communicate with others who have similar or different behavioral styles.

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