What A Coach Is Not

A coach is a professional consultant who always keeps your best interests as his/her highest priority. As a professional, your coach will maintain a focus on you and help you to achieve what you desire in your life. YOU are the coach’s primary focus. A good coach will brainstorm with you, let you sound off when necessary, and maintain your confidentiality. And a good coach will guide, support, and mentor you to develop the skills, attitudes, and motivations you need to realize your goals and live the life you always imagined.

A coach is and does many things, but there are also many things a coach is NOT…

A Coach Is NOT:

A Potential Romantic Interest.
The head and the heart frequently pull people in two different directions. A professional coach will never become personally involved with a client because it will impair the critical element of objectivity.

Your Best Friend.
Friends are great, but friends also frequently have two very different agendas. A professional coach will always keep your agenda firmly in mind. A coach may tell you things your friends never would—things that are sometimes difficult to hear from our friends—but are critical for your continuing development. Above all, a coach will always have your best interests at heart.

Your Therapist.
Occasionally, you’ll share information with your coach about the things going on in your life. But a professional coach isn’t trained or equipped to deal with relationship issues, analyze your past, or deal with issues like depression. A coach isn’t a therapist or psychologist.

A Crutch.
While your coach will support and encourage you, a professional coach will not allow you to become dependent on him/her. A coach is there to help you, but not to do it for you.

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