What Can I Expect From My Coach?

You can expect open, honest, direct feedback from your coach—delivered in a sensitive, constructive manner. You can expect ideas, suggestions, guidance, and choices—all designed to help you focus on the areas you’re interested in changing or developing in your life. You can expect that your coach will keep your best interests in the forefront of his mind at all times—because your success is his success and his goal is to help you become even more successful than you are.

Working with a coach is a mutual commitment—you are committed to developing yourself to achieve more of your potential—and the coach is committed to helping you achieve your goals, dreams, and objectives in every way possible. Your problems become your coach’s challenges—and your coach delights in meeting a challenge. Your coach will actively listen to your thoughts and concerns and help you identify the core issues that are important to you. Together, you will create a plan of action steps you can take to achieve goals, solve problems, and realize your dreams. As you begin to integrate these action steps into your life, your coach will follow your progress, help you when you experience setbacks, and brainstorm with you to develop solutions to problems.

Your coach will be there with you as you take actions to put your plan into effect, to help you make any necessary modifications, to encourage and support you, and to celebrate your successes along the way!

Your coach will help you look at the big picture to help you achieve total life satisfaction and develop yourself to your true potential. He will help you achieve a balance that is satisfying and fulfilling.

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