Strategic Planning

Kashbox Coaching helps organizations create strategic business plans that provide focus, direction, and growth opportunities. The process consists of successive steps from defining vision, to creating goals aligned with that vision, and finally to developing action plans to achieve those goals. We work with you from formulation through execution to help you achieve maximum success and avoid threats to your business.

Our methodology can be executed through a series of meetings or in a retreat format. The outcome of both is the creation of a plan that can be executed by the architects of the plan–you and your leadership team.

Results we’ve seen include:

  • Increased earnings.
  • Increased commitment to company values.
  • Increased capability to attract, service and retain customers.
  • Increased synergy among departments or groups as they work toward the achievement of common goals.
  • Improved resource allocation.

Do these sound like results you are seeking? Call me toll-free at 912-399-7562 or contact me online to learn how strategic planning could benefit your organization.

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