Corporate Coaching Services

Corporate coaching is the synergistic fusion of individual coaching and management training applied to an entire organizational team.

Kashbox Coaching is a pioneering leader in the development and application of this dynamic, new management tool. We believe it is the most effective means for promoting positive, rapid, and lasting organizational change. Certainly it is one of the most significant management innovations of the past fifty years!

Corporate coaching addresses organizations as holistic, networked systems rather than as collections of discrete “silos.”

Because ongoing support is provided to all members of the management team, the entire organization increasingly shares the same vision, mission, strategy, and values. The result: Dramatic improvements in communication, commitment, teamwork, and accomplishment.

Corporate coaching promotes significant, lasting change because it transforms attitudes and habits, in addition to teaching new knowledge and skills.

American businesses spend approximately $19 billion annually on leadership training. Unfortunately, research shows that much of that money is wasted because people don’t apply what they’ve learned.

Ongoing corporate coaching, on the other hand, transforms attitudes and habits, so that people are motivated to apply their new knowledge and skills. Change is effective and enduring because the process fosters initiative, collaboration, and ownership of results.

The corporate coaching process utilizes both group training and private coaching sessions. Face-to-face coaching is supplemented by telephone and e-mail contact.

Let us tell you more about how corporate coaching can enable you to maximize the contributions of every member of your management team every day. Call me toll-free at 912-399-7562 or contact me online.

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