Results Speak Louder Than Words

If you don’t have the time and money to waste on hit-and-miss training, but you do want to help your associates and your organization grow and succeed, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to learn what my clients are saying…

"These days it is rare to have an outside consultant exceed the expected results, however, your training has done just that. . . . the Iekly training sessions . . .provided a tremendous benefit to my staff (and the Resort). . . While I am just now seeing the tangible benefits of the training (better quality survey scores, less turnover, improved communication), the attitudes of the supervisors that attended the sessions improved immediately. I have never before had staff come up to me and say that they couldn’t wait for the next session (as I experienced on several occasions with your training)."

Joel A. Meyer, General Manager, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, Georgia, U.S.

"My organization did an outstanding job . . . and I wanted you to know how pleased I’ve been with the results. The project was a total success. You provided the information, research and training that I needed to make sure my representatives are properly trained and motivated. I look forward to working with you again in the near future as my training programs progress. Your organization is skilled, professional and a pleasure to work with on these matters."

Ralph W. Kirk, President/CEO, Healthcom — Healthcare Communications, Illinois, U.S.

"It was a fateful day in Denver when I met you nearly a year ago. Who would have thought my chance meeting would have been so beneficial? From my initial advice to the customized long-distance training program you created for us — a program that met my needs and my budget — you’ve really helped make a difference for us! Today I am much more organized in both my professional and personal life, I’m more focused and goal oriented, and I’m spending my time doing what really matters. My overall efficiency has increased dramatically and I’ve made so much progress — I’m setting and achieving goals in all areas of my life. David, you helped us identify and realize all that I’m capable of doing, creating a plan for ourselves to reach our true potential. I’d recommend your programs to anyone who wants to get more out of their life, but just doesn’t know how to go about doing it. On a professional level — and a personal level, too — your training and development efforts made a tremendous difference for us!!"

Michael & Cheryl Ignatz, Principals, Michael Ignatz Medical Sales (MIMS), Colorado, U.S.

"I want to thank you for the wonderful training my organization received with the Time Strategies program. This class has been the single most productive tool I have ever used. In fact, the productivity of this office has increased tremendously. I didn’t realize that my Executive Secretary could become any more organized, but, as a result of this class, she has become even more TERRIFIC. My Assistant Director . . . found new ways and tools to get assigned tasks done . . . I am now better able to manage multiple priorities . . . I have reorganized my priorities and re-established business and personal goals. . . Not only do I emphatically recommend this class. . . but from now on, all new employees in my organization will be REQUIRED to attend this training. This is the BEST money my charity has ever spent. Thank you again for your life changing course on Time Strategies!"

Dr. Elliott Foss, Executive Director, International Seamen’s House — Brunswick Port Society, Georgia, U.S.

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