Individual Coaching Services

Individual coaching is a confidential, non-judgmental, action-oriented, goal-focused relationship between client and coach that exists solely for the purpose of promoting the success and fulfillment in all areas of the client’s life.

Mounting evidence suggests that managers are significantly more productive and successful with a coach in their corner. They are better able to set goals, establish and balance priorities, plan their careers, make positive behavioral changes, overcome obstacles, and take other actions that lead to meaningful accomplishment.

At the initiation of a coaching relationship, clients complete some important assessment exercises and background training that helps to accelerate progress by identifying issues that need to be addressed.

Typically, our individual coaching clients schedule 30-minute phone conversations with their coach two or three times a month. Of course, coaches are available between scheduled sessions to meet needs that may arise.

Prior to the coaching call each week, the client is asked to submit a brief written report highlighting the important issues to be discussed. This allows client and coach to productively spend every minute focusing on what most matters to the client.

The coaching relationship will supply the support and encouragement you need to excel beyond what you thought was possible.

Based on our experiences with other clients, we are confident that coaching will help you to increase your opportunities for advancement to higher levels of leadership. You will grow in your ability to create a positive impact, exert influence, and achieve significant victories on key projects. You’ll gain confidence as a business leader and chart a decisive career path to maximize your potential.

Do you think individual coaching might benefit you or a member of your team? Call me toll-free at 912-399-7562 or contact me online to learn how coaching can help.

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