My Purpose

My Purpose Is To Help You

Kashbox Coaching was founded with a purpose:

To help people discover and develop their potential. I believe knowledge, by itself, doesn’t make a person powerful; but, knowing how to apply knowledge, is key to almost unlimited success.

I help clients apply existing knowledge. I coordinate coaching programs to develop your company’s human resources.

I assist you in the development of your people for your mutual benefit, providing customized coaching programs to meet your needs. Using cutting edge technology and the latest adult learning techniques, I focus on the key elements of unlimited success — attitude development, human relations, skill development, and goal setting.

The key word is "development." My coaching programs are customized and implemented in your workplace so the information is not only understood, but also applied in everyday situations in your business. My focus on application and measurable bottom-line results separates my process from standard programs.

Growing, developing, and changing behaviors is a process that works from the inside out — a process that can’t be accomplished in a one or two day seminar. My approach to change takes place over time, allowing attitudes to change and new performance-enhancing behavioral skills to develop and mature within the workplace.

Changes occur within both the individual and the organization — changes that won’t take place overnight. New expectations; new approaches to people, situations, and events; and new skills are strategically introduced to enhance overall effectiveness and to prevent information overload. Development is a process, not an event. I work with you over a period of time — usually about eight weeks in group settings with individual sessions following — to maximize effectiveness.

I am dedicated to providing the materials and tools that will guide individuals and companies through the process of creating and building prosperous lives and successful businesses. My approach is unique, my materials timely, and my processes are dynamic and results-oriented.

Intrigued? Contact us online or phone us at 912-399-7562 to explore a customized coaching program that meets your needs and goals.

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